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Historic & Special Planning District Invoice Membership Dues

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The Annual $150 Windsor Square Historic District dues support a variety of activities that contribute to, and enhance, the quality of life of our Windsor Square Community! Few neighborhoods benefit from the sense of community that we have.  Between adult, family and children specific gatherings and activities, we look to bring neighbors together and develop friendships along the way!


The annual dues also support a lot of activities behind the scenes. The Board, which is comprised of 9 people, meets monthly.  The Board works on activities, issues and concerns as they relate to the Windsor Square Neighborhood including: legal and civic involvement, zoning and enforcement oversight, legal/tax filings, the Newsletter, the Advantage Card Program, holiday events, maintenance and watering of our common areas, resident concerns, point of contact for our local merchants and, of course, the Home Tour.


Our dues also help finance the cost of our Security Services.  We currently employ Blue Steel Security to conduct daily patrols in our neighborhood.  They conduct random daily/evening patrols (3-4 times a day, 7 days a week), and have assisted with instances of reckless driving, escorting suspicious individuals from the neighborhood and general security issues such as notifying residents of open garage and car doors.  Unfortunately, Blue Steel is unable to be in our neighborhood full-time but, with their help, we do see a lower crime rate in our neighborhood compared to surrounding areas. While you might not personally engage with our Security representatives, they serve the community as a whole and it benefits us all to have this extra set of eyes focused on our safety.


$150 annual dues is a fraction of common HOA dues and, we get so much more. The Board, and the neighborhood as a whole, benefits and appreciates your support!  Dues can be paid below, or a check can be mailed to:


Windsor Square Historic District

24 W. Camelback Road, PMB A516

Phoenix, AZ 85013


Remember, it takes a Village!

For prorated amounts, additional contributions or a change in annual dues: