For traffic complaints, please call Speed Enforcement at 602-534-SPEED (602-534-7733) or send an email to [email protected].

We are proud of our close partnership with the City of Phoenix to monitor, assess, and alleviate traffic concerns in the neighborhood. A comprehensive traffic study is conducted every five years and we've implemented effective solutions in the past. In addition, the neighborhood currently sponsors a Traffic Committee and supports an ongoing mitigation plan in cooperation with the City of Phoenix. Together, we can continue to make Windsor Square a safe and enjoyable place to live.

-- Ryan Ewing, Traffic Committee Chair

Traffic and Circulation Goals

The stated traffic and circulation goals of the Windsor Square Conservation Plan are to:

    1. Maintain traffic flow on the interior streets of the neighborhood at a level that ensures residential privacy.
    2. Maintain traffic flow on the interior streets at a level safe for handicapped mobility, walking, riding bicycles, and driving.
    3. Provide residents with convenient and safe access to and from the Windsor Square neighborhood.
    4. Keep on-street parking at a level that does not interfere with the free flow and safety of pedestrian and vehicular traffic.
    5. Encourage the development of mass transit servicing the neighborhood.


2016 Traffic Study Highlights

    • Crashes recorded prior 5-years: 7
    • 31% increase in traffic volume from 2011
    • Average speed 24 MPH (2.4% >30 MPH)

Traffic Study (2016)
Traffic Study (2011)
Traffic Study - Before and After Diverters (2000)
Original Traffic Study (1985)


Windsor Square Traffic Committee

The Traffic Committee meets monthly except July and August. The goal of this Committee is to listen to feedback from residents, identify potential solutions, and then implement with Board and City of Phoenix support. If you would like more information, or to join the Committee, please contact us.


October 2019 Update

In the September 2019 meeting, the Traffic Committee prioritized several initiatives for further discussion with the City of Phoenix. The priorities are ranked (1 = Highest Priority to 5 = Lowest Priority) below. For more detail on these above initiatives, please refer to the "April 2019 (Presentation)" document below.

Long Term Priorities Short Term Priorities
1. Speed Humps 1. Updated Traffic Study
2. Diverters 2. Speed Trailer
3. Do Not Enter Signage 3. Hire Off Duty Patrols
4. Gates 4. Communication
5. Radar Signs 5. Trash Can Decals

These Board-supported initiatives were discussed with the Traffic Services Division in late October. Following this discussion, the City agreed to support the following efforts:

    1. Updated Traffic Study
    2. Speed Trailer
    3. Increased Police Patrols
    4. Speed Hump Feasibility Study
    5. Improved "Do Not Enter" Signage


The Traffic Committee will continue to work with the City of Phoenix, and residents, on implementation of agreed upon solutions.

Meeting Minutes