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Windsor Square 2024 Home Tour
March 10, 2024

News for Residents

Volunteer for the Home Tour
The Windsor Square Home Tour is back on it’s every-other-Spring rotation and is scheduled for March 10, 2024!
This is an extra special event and success depends on neighbors putting their talents to work. Take a look at some of the subcommittees that are in need of help! Sign up or email Mary Stoffel if you need information!
We are still in need of homes for the 2024 tour as well. If you are ready to show off all of your hard work, please email Mary Stoffel.

New Advantage Card Additions

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7th Street and Colter Zoning Update

Despite the best efforts of Windsor Square and many other neighborhood groups and individual participants, the Phoenix City Council voted 7-1 yesterday to approve the PUD zoning case related to the northeast corner of 7th Street and Colter (the Zola Project). Laura Pastor was the lone nay vote. Windsor Square, along with North Central Phoenix Homeowners Association, The Peak Homeowners Association, Murphy Trials Association and MidCentury Modern Homeowners Association, had opposed the case and had requested that the building be pushed further back from 7th Street, that the upper floors of the building be stepped back so as not to loom 60 feet over 7th Street, and for access to the project to be off 7th Street rather than Colter. None of these requests was incorporated into the approved plan. The only open question now is whether and how the 7th and Colter intersection will be signalized. Obviously, this is a big issue and we will continue to monitor the status of that going forward.

We are very disappointed at this result and we are still trying to figure out what lessons to take from the experience. In the meantime, many thanks to all the Windsor Squarians who gave their time and effort. Thought it may be cold comfort in the moment, this process has enabled us to more with our fellow neighbors and we are a closer community as a result.