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This official county map shows the layout of the irrigation infrastructure of Windsor Square as it was originally planned. The actual infrastructure has differences. The line that crosses to the south side of Pasadena was never completed, so that side of the street has no irrigation. Early in the history of the District, some property owners built structures or made changes in their yards that rendered parts of the infrastructure unusable. The part of the line that originally extended to the west end of Medlock was cut off by the construction of an outbuilding, thus terminating the line that served the last three homes. A similar truncation occurred on the south end of 6th Street, when an outbuilding was added that crushed the line, effectively preventing the last three homes from getting water. The designers of the system left the north side of Orange out completely, between 2nd and 6th streets. The District’s bylaws prohibit anyone from making changes to their property that would prevent or otherwise impact the delivery of water to anyone in the District, but Windsor Square did not have vigilant Trustees, as it does now, to ensure that the infrastructure remained sound and intact.