Trash, recycling, irrigation

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Trash and Recycling

Trash and recycling pick-up is on Wednesday. Your containers will be collected on the same day, but at different times (they use different trucks). Bulk trash pick-up takes place four times a year.


According to the Salt River Valley Water Users’ Association, fewer than one percent of residential homes in the Phoenix metro area receive flood irrigation. These fortunate homeowners receive thousands of gallons of water delivered to their yards 18 times a year, for a fraction of what non-irrigated homeowners pay for city-treated water used to water their yards.

Windsor Square consists of three separate irrigation areas; each manages its customers/homes differently and receives water on different schedules. The largest section includes the homes from Camelback Road to the south side of Colter Street. This section is the Irrigation Water District #27.  It is the only fully compliant district in Windsor Square sanctioned by Maricopa County and is led by three elected trustees who are also members of the district.  The IWD #27 has a large warrant account with a surplus to maintain and repair the irrigation infrastructure (which is over 75 years old and requires constant maintenance) and manages the contractor who provides water delivery to the district.  The next section includes homes from the north side of Colter to Georgia Avenue. The final section includes the gated communities between Georgia and Missouri avenues, plus the part of 6th Street that runs from Georgia to Missouri.

To learn more about the benefits of irrigation please contact Phil Sheinbein at [email protected] or any other Board member, who will put you in touch with the person who handles irrigation for your section of the neighborhood.


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